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Vinyl Fence

Wood has been the traditional choice for fencing for a long time, but vinyl fencing is much more cost effective long-term. Initially, the cost of vinyl fencing may not seem as economical as wood, but the durability of the product saves money in maintenance, repairs, and replacement over time. Vinyl fences are not just long-lasting, they are also aesthetically appealing.

Types of Vinyl Fence

You have several options to choose from when it comes to buying a vinyl fence. You can purchase a fence made from PVC, vinyl coated wood, or high tensile polymer.

PVC Fences

While PVC post and board fences are designed to look identical to traditional wood fences, they require very little maintenance. PVC Fences are extremely durable.They do not submit to rust, rot, decay, denting, warping, discoloration, fading, flaking, and peeling, and will stand up to years of normal wear and tear. They are also safe because they have smooth edges and do not splinter.

Vinyl Coated Wood Fences

Vinyl coated wood fences are made from wood posts and boards that have been dipped in PVC. This eliminates the need to treat, or paint, the fence, but these fences are still subject to warping and twisting over time. Vinyl coated wood fences are less expensive than PVC fences, but not as sturdy. They are more durable than an untreated wood fence and look more polished. PVC treated wood generally lasts about 20 years with good care. Like PVC fences, vinyl coated wood fences need only periodic power washing for regular maintenance.

High Tensile Polymer Fences

High tensile polymer fences, or HTP Fences, are most commonly used for containing livestock. High tensile polymer fences are made from wire that is encased in a plastic sheath. When assembled, these fences resemble standard board fences and are extremely strong, which is why they are good for containing animals. This type of fence is designed to be as strong as PVC, but has the flexibility to safely absorb impact. This style of fence can therefore absorb the impact of stampeding animals without breaking or weakening. It also helps prevent injury to the animals it contains should they collide with it.


Aesthetically, you have a multitude of options when it comes to buying vinyl fence. Most PVC vinyl fences come in a solid color like white or beige. Many are also designed with a wood grain so they look like a traditional wood fence. Some have decorative touches like lattice tops and sculpted post tops. You should also consider whether or not you want a gate for your vinyl fence. It is important to consider the number of gates a fence will need and decide where they will be located before purchasing the vinyl fence panels.

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