About Jones Fence Enterprise

Jones Fence Enterprise Leadership Team
Spencer Jones has built more than a fencing company. Jones Fence Enterprises is the realization of a dream, built on a solid foundation of values. Over 40 years ago, with six children to support, Mr. and Mrs. Jones took a leap of faith and began their fencing company. The two eldest children began working with their parents immediately while the third child babysat the three youngest. Through the years all six children have learned the value of hard work and contributed greatly to the success of the family business. A variety of obstacles, including economic downturns and a Christmas Day fire that destroyed the company have been overcome with the foundation of hard work, faith and family.
Jones Fence Enterprises produces and services all types of fences, from residential to industrial fencing for Boeing and Target. We offer a full line of fences including vinyl, aluminum, ornamental steel and wood. Additionally, the company fabricates and wholesales vinyl fencing as well as installing it..